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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Tucker On Single Motherhood w/ Dr. Warren Farrell | HBR Debate 8

Mar 30, 2018

Join Alison and Brian as we go through the 3rd in Tucker Carlson's series Men in America as he discusses and examines the effects and consequences of single motherhood and absent fathers, with special guest Dr. Warren...

If the Parkland Shooter Was Bullied, Who Bullied Him? | HBR News 152

Mar 28, 2018

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the events of the week, including a woman who lied about being gang raped, a sex doll brothel in Paris, a possible admission of the bullying of the Parkland shooter by Emma Gonzalez, and...

In-group, out-group: Accountability gap naturalized | HBR Talk 29

Mar 23, 2018

Join Hannah, Anna Cherry, and Prim Reaper on Badger Talk as we examine the use of Immigration as a feminist talking point by the Women's March.


Show notes:

The Young Turks vs Tucker Carlson's Men's Issues Show | Rantzerker 103

Mar 23, 2018

Join Alison and Brian on the Rantzerker as we look at The Young Turks' video response to Tucker Carlson's series on men and men's issues.


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