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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Metro Exodus, Far Cry: New Dawn, Captain Marvel and More! | Nerdcast

Mar 14, 2019

Join us on the Nerdcast as we discuss the nerdy things we love and the nerdy things we rage on, from recent game releases Far Cry: New Dawn and Metro Exodus to looking at the first week of Captain Marvel's "big feminist...

Speaking With Writer Megan Fox About Her Book Believe Evidence and MeToo | Fireside Chat 105

Mar 11, 2019

Join us on the Fireside Chat as we speak with author and gender traitor Megan Fox(no not THAT one) about her book Believe Evidence: The Death of Due Process from Salome to MeToo.

Honoring Great Women on International Women's Day | The Week in Men's Rights

Mar 10, 2019

Is this title clickbait? No actually. We have many women we need to thank for the great work they've done and today is a good day to do so.

Cult of personality disorder | HBR Talk 75

Mar 10, 2019

HBR Talk dives into the murky waters of the victim identity cult's brokenness-worship phenomenon, its impact and implications, and its use as a social weapon.

Going Through Big Joel's "The Red Pill" Movie Review w/Karen and Alison | Help Hannah Fundraiser

Mar 9, 2019

Join us on the Help Hannah Fundraiser Stream as we go through Big Joel's video entitled "The Red Pill: The Strange Art of Men's Rights Activism (Part 1)" with Alison Tieman and...