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honeybadgerradio's podcast

David Katz the Jacksonville "Madden" Shooter: Ticking Time Bomb | Doge and Aydin Show 7

Sep 1, 2018

Join us on the Doge and Aydin Show as we look at the Jacksonville shooter, David Katz. In addition we will try to unpack all the things surrounding this tragic event.

Title IX: Feminist Munchausen's by Proxy | HBR Talk 49

Sep 1, 2018

Join us on the HBR talk as we listen to and comment on the audio from a presentation by a "victim-turned-victim's-advocate" who spoke at Rowen University's 2018 Title IX conference.

Jacksonville Shootings, the Black Lung Returns & Screwing ISIS for Greater Tolerance | HBR News 174

Aug 30, 2018

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the stories of the week, including the Jacksonville shooting, the social experiment that proves gynocentrism, a boy is punished for calling his teacher "ma'am" and...

Title IX: Targeting men for whose protection? Part 2 | HBR Talk 48

Aug 25, 2018

Join Hannah Wallen, Prim Reaper, and our undercover badger Andrew on HBR Talk as we continue to examine Rowen University's Title IX conference presentation, “How to avoid a Title IX Lawsuit: Lessons Learned and Best Practices for...

Asia Argento Pays Off Her Alleged Rape Victim With Hush Money, Hollywood Protects Her | HBR News 173

Aug 23, 2018

Join us on today's HBR News show as we look at the stories of the week, including more questionable judges, Angry Joe white knighting for Battlefield V, Asia Argento and more!