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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Is Monogamy Among Humans Unnatural? | Doge, Stapler and Aydin Show 3

May 27, 2018

Join Brian, Stapler and Aydin Paladin as we look at a video by Vox based on the popular book "Sex at Dawn" which argues that monogamy among humans is unnatural. But what is the...

Thundercats Roar, Current Year Watchmen, Reuben Foster & Stephanie Adams Suicide | HBR News 160

May 26, 2018

Join the badgers on the HBR News show as we take on a full clip of stories from awful reboots of popular stories to mother and son suicide. Join us and join the discussion!

Today in Culture War: Peterson, Fry on Munk Debates, Maher on Incels, NBC on drugs

May 26, 2018

Join Alison and Brian as we diverge a bit from our normal focus to look at the larger culture war, and the recent prominent conflicts in it. Today's show will be looking at the recent debate on political correctness, the much maligned NBC hitpiece on Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, The Who's Roger Daltrey speaks up on Brexit...

It's a gas(light) - anti male shaming tactics continued | HBR Talk 37

May 26, 2018

Join Hannah, Anna, and Prim for this episode of HBR Talk when we take a look at the final set of items on the list of tactics described in Exposing Feminism's Catalogue of Anti-male...

How to be a Good Male Feminist (TM) | Men's Mental Health 2

May 25, 2018

Join us for this episode of Men’s Mental Health where we open with a humorous example of satire of satire. Then we’ll proceed to explore an actual example of a feminist article that tells you how YOU can be a good male feminist and tell you why you shouldn’t bother, why it’ll never be good enough, and how you...