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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Nora Loreto Tweets About Humboldt Bus Tragedy, Gets BTFO'd | Rantzerker 107

Apr 20, 2018

Join us on the Rantzerker as we discuss the CBC's response to Nora Loreto's tweet regarding the tragic bus crash that killed 16 people and injured 3. This might cause some extra...

MeToo Makes Men Worry About Exploitation & Women Want To Escape Them | HBR News 155

Apr 18, 2018

Join us on the HBR News show as we discuss the news of the week! This week it's women-only islands, men getting blackmailed by false allegations, Ready Player One's unfortunate ties to #GamerGate, and...

Roaming Millennial on Feminism & Men's Issues with Karen | Fireside Chat 80

Apr 18, 2018

Join Karen and Brian on the Fireside Chat as we talk with YouTuber and Cultural/Political commentator, Roaming Millennial!

BOSS FIGHT: Ted Cruz vs Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook Censorship | Rantzerker 106

Apr 12, 2018

Join Karen and Brian on the Rantzerker as we go through a segment of yesterday's livestream where Mark Suckerberg was speaking to several public officials regarding facebook and social media giants influence and control regarding...

Prostate Cancer Panic & Banning the Bear From Twitter | HBR News 154

Apr 12, 2018

Join the badgers on HBR News as we look at the insanity of the past week, including comedian Owen Benjamin's ban from twitter, the newest data concerning prostate cancer, male victims of workplace sexual harassment, and anti-vidya...