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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Toe that line? Hell no! | HBR Talk 55

Oct 12, 2018

Join Hannah Wallen, Karen Straughan, and Prim Reaper as we discuss feminism's narratives & attitudes regarding nonfeminist women, including their tendency to oppose women's agency and choice when those women choose not to treat the entire male population as an abusive...

Rose McGowan Turns on MeToo, Now hates Women and Survivors | HBR News 180

Oct 11, 2018

Join us on the HBR News Show as we look at the stories of the week, including Rose McGowan calling MeToo "bullshit", Mark Judge supporting Gamergate students upset by the non-existence of rape culture, and...

Fifty Shades of Fido: A Feminist Analysis of Dog Parks | Rantzerker 110

Oct 8, 2018

Join Alison, Brian and TL;DR as we look at a couple of studies used by the "grievance studies" trolling to expose the insanity of academia, such as Our Struggle is My Struggle(Mein Kampf), Glaciers Gender and Science, Constellations are Sexist, and Rape Culture in Dog...

Trevor Noah Hates Weaponizing Victims... When They're Men | This Week in Culture War

Oct 6, 2018

Join Brian and Lauren on This Week in the Culture War as we respond to some of Trevor Noah's distinct brand of light entertainment.

MeToo and feminism's fading credibility | HBR Talk 54

Oct 5, 2018

Join Anna Cherry and Hannah Wallen on HBR Talk as we discuss MeToo in light of current events, and the impact of its deterioration on feminism's credibility.