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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Now Michael Kimmel Needs MRAs to Bail Him Out | HBR News 171

Aug 8, 2018

Join us on the weekly HBR News show as we look at the events of the last week, including assaults at GenCon, Japan's answer to the working women problem, male feminist ally Michael Kimmel gets #metoo'd, and...

Men and Boys are Disappearing from Psychology! | Men's Mental Health 4 with Prim Reaper

Aug 6, 2018

Join Prim and Anna tonight for a talk on some of the reasons why oh why men might be disappearing from the realm of psychology.

Title IX: protecting women, or targeting men? | HBR Talk 45

Aug 4, 2018

Join us on the HBR Talk show as we look at the information discussed at the recent Title IX Research and Resources conference at Rowan University!

Twitch Streamer Becomes Wizard, Hijab Cheerleaders and... Hogan Returns? | HBR News 170

Aug 2, 2018

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the zaniness of the week, including Hulk Hogan's reinstatement into the WWE, team spirit being covered up next season, Yanet Garcia gets dumped, the Escapist's new "no politics pledge", and...

It's ok to be Dad | HBR Talk 44

Jul 27, 2018

Join Anna Cherry, Aydin Paladin, and Hannah Wallen as HBR talk continues to discuss the benefits of involved fathers.