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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Dads make a difference: The importance of father involvement | HBR Talk 43

Jul 15, 2018

Join Anna Cherry, Prim Reaper, and Hannah Wallen on HBR Talk as we discuss the importance of father involvement, the next logical step in our ongoing discussion of Uncle Sam's habit of separating kids from their...

#TrudeauToo (or) Et Tu, Trudeau? | HBR News 166

Jul 11, 2018

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the events of the past week, including NY segregated schools, Trudeau's surprising yet inevitable betrayal, Terry Gilliam's trans racial sex change, and more!

Separation of child and state | HBR Talk 42

Jun 29, 2018

Anna Cherry, Aydin Paladin, and Hannah Wallen follow up on some points introduced in last week's show on separation of migrant kids from their parents... regarding separation of American children from their parents

Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality As Propaganda | Today in the Culture War 4

Jun 28, 2018

Today in the Culture War, Alison and Brian will be going through an episode of the Voices of VR Podcast, where host Kent Bye interviews Movers & Shakers CEO and founder as well as Glenn Cantave, a BLM activist who wants to use VR and AR to change historical narratives and push for social, institutional and economic...

Steven Galloway's Life Destroyed, The N-Word is Netflix, Woman Freezes Sperm | HBR News 165

Jun 27, 2018

On this week's news show, woman freezes her late husband's sperm! Anti GamerGate activist sets herself on fire! Netflix fires PR Manager for using the N-Word while he was describing words that are not allowed to be spoken! Steven Galloway breaks his silence! This and more on the HBR News...